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                The direct drive motor chooses the precautions
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                The direct drive motor (dc moment motor) is used by the user because the direct drive motor (dc torque motor) is not well understood, and there are some misunderstandings that need to be explained.
                1) select the power wattage
                Actual direct drive motor (dc torque motor output torque, and not much power (because of the low speed), and control product manual is given on the peak power and continuous control power, power amplifier is to provide the design with the input power of control, not general motor rated power.
                2) the peak plugging torque is the rated torque of the long-term use
                The actual peak plugging torque is the torque that provides starting or instant acceleration and can not be used for long time, otherwise the electric opportunity will overheat or even burn down.
                3) to lower the voltage at the open loop to a low speed
                The actual open-loop voltage is not stable at low speed, or jitter, or stoping, which must be under closed loop control to reach very low speed.
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