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                Motor companies swarmed into the new energy vehicles
                Release time:2017-08-10 10:58:17| Browse times:
                Along with our country new energy vehicles in a series of supporting policies in succession fall to the ground, the growing market demand, new energy vehicles has become a new direction in the development of motor industry, at the same time, also is our country motor enterprise in the development of new opportunities and new challenges.
                The new energy motor system accounts for nearly 15% of the total cost of the vehicle, and the market space is huge.
                It is estimated that by 2020, the demand for new energy motor driving systems will reach 50 billion yuan to 100 billion yuan.
                Due to the rapid growth of new energy automobile production and marketing, the demand of electric motor and electronic control system has exploded, and industrial capital has been racing to the layout.
                Besides diligence electric, Shanghai electric, CSR times and other leading enterprises of China's new energy automobile drive motor, dayang motor, founder, xinzhi motor, jiang, cloud meaning such as electric motor enterprises have entered the new energy vehicle field.
                Ocean motor last year spent 3.5 billion yuan to buy a 100% stake in Shanghai electric drive.
                Wanxiang qianchao contributed 110 million yuan to participate in tianjin songzheng 10% equity;
                Fangzheng motor bought 100 per cent of Shanghai hai energy and hangzhou dewalshi.
                Not only hereat, there are more and more companies this year, want to enter the new energy automobile motor electric market: at the start of the year, Hong Kong Watson motor co., LTD., investment industry new town project ground jiangmen.
                On June 22, by the world top 500 enterprises of Siemens company with world famous auto parts enterprises in valeo company jointly set up by the new energy vehicles drive motor project, signing in changshu national high and new technology industrial development zone.
                The development of the electric motor driven by pure electric vehicles has been included in the company's planning for the next five years, which is in line with the country's environmental protection and energy conservation development, the company said recently.
                Camel group plans to acquire Rimac and Greyp Bikes in Croatia, with a stake of 19.35 per cent.
                Camel group believes that this investment will improve the technical level of electric motor, electric control and other related parts.
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